Red Bull And Beer Diet: Day 2

If you havent read Day 1 please do.


I am not a physician or a physical trainer or anything remotely close to that. I do not condone anyone putting themselves through what I will be doing for the next 3 days and as such cannot be held responsible for the consequences of doing so. If you do choose to do something as foolish as this please consult a physician so (s)he can talk you out of doing something so stupid. Lastly I do not condone underage consumption of alcohol. Please dont drink if you are under age for your state/country. If you do drink please do so responsibly.

Body Stats
(As reported by my Withings scale)
Weight(lb): 170.9
Height(feet/inches): 6'2" (This will obviously stay static.)
Body Fat(lb): 29.7
Lean Mass: 141.2
BMI: 21.9

Diet Stats
(Drink and calorie stats will be updated through out the day)

Red Bull: 2
Beer: 1
- 1 x Guinness(can)
- 2 x PBR(can)

Approximate Calories: 2 x 110 + 1 x 155 + 2 x 153 = 681
Calories counts for items taken from unless otherwise specified.

8:30am Wake up well rested. Feel hungry, but no more then normal upon waking up.
9:15am Starting to feel really hungry, but want to put off having anything to drink besides water until lunchtime.
9:45am Took my morning weight reading. Im not sure how much is in error, but it looks as if I have lost a bit of lean mass and gained a bit of fat from yesterday. I took yesterdays reading in the evening which may be accounting for the differences. Will update this evening to make sure everything stays in sync and comparable.
10:00am I figured out the discrepancy. Seems I recored my body stats from Thursday not Friday. Updated Day 1. This looks much better. Still will take reading this evening.
12:00pm First Red Bull of the day.
1:45pm Noticed that I think about eating when i'm bored. I didn't realize I ate so much to just fill time.
2:15pm Getting really hungry. Feel slower and more tired then normal for a weekend afternoon.
4:45pm Woke up from a nap. Super tired still and lazy think its Red Bull time to wake up.
6:30pm Feeling woozy. I dont want to, but will be having a beer for calories to burn.
6:45pm Weighed in again and updated body stats. This is the time that matches yesterday body stats.
9:00pm My lack of energy has kept me from going out tonight.
11:00pm Having a couple beers with friends while hot tubbing it up. A nice way to try and ignore the hunger.
1:30am I dont know if it was the beers or the hot tub but i feel like a million bucks now. Bed soon.

Continue on to Day 3.

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