Red Bull And Beer Diet: Day 1

Diet fads come and go nearly as fast as the days do so I decided to create my own.

Introducing the Red Bull and Beer diet. I still need to come up with a catchy name for it. From friday until monday I will not eat any food. Instead I will subsist on only Red Bull and Beer. Throughout this journey I will share stats with you. Stats like the amount of drinks I've had, approximate calories consumed from said drinks and body statistics. My body statistics will be recorded by my Withings scale and shared with you here. I will also share with you the physical and mental changes I go through, if any.


I am not a physician or a physical trainer or anything remotely close to that. I do not condone anyone putting themselves through what I will be doing for the next 3 days and as such cannot be held responsible for the consequences of doing so. If you do choose to do something as foolish as this please consult a physician so (s)he can talk you out of doing something so stupid. Lastly I do not condone underage consumption of alcohol. Please dont drink if you are under age for your state/country. If you do drink please do so responsibly

So you are probably wondering why am am doing this and want an explanation besides 'because I though having an excuse to drink beer all weekend was rad'. Its a good question and one I will expand upon in time, but for right now I will say it has to do with how many ridiculous and dangerous dieting fads are out there today. It also has its origins in the recent explosion of articles and the subsequent banning of the caffeinated alcoholic beverage known as 4 Loko. Strangely almost everywhere you buy beer or liquor you can still by red bull. Sounds like the new media darling that is 4 Loko may be getting a worse reputation then it rightfully should dont you think?

Lets go through a quick personal profile to help you understand my physical starting point. I am 6' 2" at around 175lb. My weight fluctuates around there normally. I consider myself a semi-active person. In a typical week I rock climb a couple times for two hours a session, ride my bike to work Monday through Friday and usually use it to get around the city (~15-20 miles/week) and take my dog for a couple good long walks. Other then that im pretty sedentary, such is the life of a programmer.

Enough with the boring stuff lets see some stats!

Body Stats
(As reported by my Withings scale)
Weight(lb): 175.6
Height(feet/inches): 6'2" (This will obviously stay static.)
Body Fat(lb): 31.3
Lean Mass: 144.3
BMI: 22.5

Diet Stats
(Drink and calorie stats will be updated through out the day)

Red Bull: 2
Beer: 5
- 2 x PBR(can)
- 1 x Alien Amber(pint - Calories estimated)
- 2 x Stella Artois(pint)

Approximate Calories: 2 x 153 + 2 x 135 + 1 x 150 + 2 x 110 = 946
Calories counts for items taken from unless otherwise specified.

9:00am A little hungry, but the red bull seems to be curing that.
1:00pm Hungry again had a beer to fill stomach.
2:00pm Starting to get tired from not having eaten time for another red bull.
5:00pm Off work having a beer and relaxing after a crazy week. Not hungry, but slight stomach pains from not eating all day.
6:00pm Bored. Realizing how much eating was a part of my day and subsequently social experience. Interesting.
6:15pm Having a beer with my dad. Talking about the week and what to do with the weekend. Getting the social experience without the food.
8:00pm Dinner with friends and family. Beer number 4. Super hungry. Senese seem heightened. The food looks amazing and smells even better. It's strange for me to want food so much and smell it so intensely.
9:30pm Dropped off uptown for drinks with friends while we talk some business and then relax.
10:00pm Drink over business.
11:15pm Drink with friends. They mock me with the free snacks at the bar.
12:20am Walking home from the bars. Hunger drives my brain. The alcohol and caffeine seem to have little to no effect on me over all. Helps curb the hunger, but the length that it curbs the hunger seems to be dropping off exponentially.
1:00am Time for bed. Its been a long day.

tl;dr: Im on a diet of only Red Bull and Beer and will be chronicling what happens and how I feel for the next 3 days.

Continue on to Day 2.

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