Unboxed A Boxee Box

I arrived home last night to my favorite sight, a box left by UPS. FedEx and DHL boxes are equally awesome. This one happened to be filled with the new Boxee Box.

I've been looking for something besides cable TV to take up my viewing hours. After doing some research I had whittled my options down to either the Boxee Box or Western Digital's TV Live Hub. Both of these boxes are $199.99 and look pretty comparable feature-wise. The WD's selling point over the Boxee Box seems to be that it has a 1TB drive built in.

So why did I buy the Boxee Box then? A couple of reasons. One, It can play all standard and a lot of non-standard file formats for video, image, and audio. Secondly, this is what really sold me, you can develop apps for it! They have Python and JavaScript API's. Boxee is also an open source project built on XBMC.

I'm excited to see how the Boxee matures, what it can do, and what people will come up with.

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